Bologna Nichtgedicht

The City without Sunrise


Diese Stadt kennt keinen Sonnenaufgang, nur einen brutalen Tageseinbruch, so als würde man mitten in der ewigen Nacht eine grelle Glühlampe anknipsen.

Both collars were designed by our incedibly talented friend! (Photo edited for reasons of data protection/privacy.)
(picture edited for data protection / privacy)

“The international Goth/Punk/Metal and LGBT community is so open-minded and open-hearted. You can walk in like you’re coming straight from the Rocky Horror Show and nobody will judge you. This scene is like a home for me, because I don’t have to pretend that I like shitty student party technopop and guys in expensive ugly sportswear (with the name of the brand written all over their chests), who talk about their parents all the time. It’s just not my thing. And it feels good to be yourself once in a while.“ (about the alternative scene, Bologna 2015)

(edited for reasons of data protection)

Von mk

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