Psychosis + Poetry


„I am intelligent enough
to understand
when I am acting

– Egyptian Princess Rhapsoel (ca. 2550 – 2430 BCE)


„The one who cheats so brilliantly on a test
that he does not get caught,
deserves a better grade than
the idiot who studied hard.“

– Old Chinese proverb

„But hiding on the toilet with your phone does not count as brilliant,
unless you have another phone hidden in your butt.“
– Warning on a toilet wall during exam dates at the University of Onichihua



„Enjoy all the beauty of the short moments in life.
Because good things are even better when short,
except for coke lines and some nice Muslim cock.“
– Cardinal Carl Eidhoven-Batz IV, Vatican 2006


„Down to earth? Man, I’m so down to earth, I’m down to mars“
– NASA scientist Rick Seagan during a trip, 1977


„Don’t believe every quote that you read on the internet, because it could just be a modern artist trolling the fuck out of you.“
– Friedrich Nietzsche ihm sein Brudi


„I don’t get modern art, but it gets me everytime.“
– andi warhohl



„Misunderstandings in online discussions
or the art of not caring enough to check Wikipedia,
but caring enough to go on with it anyway“
– the new book written by Karol Kirschkern


„Social media is fun until someone gets hurt… and then it’s hilarious!“
– Markus Zuckerberg, 2017


„Being a writer is awesome, because you don’t have to worry about your mental health any more! Other people will do that for you, strangers, who know you extremely well after reading two interviews that your dog gave to Anonymous.“
– Charles Bukowski, 1998


„Love like you’ve never been hurt,
dance like no one is watching,
brush your teeth like you actually give a fuck about what your dentist says
and write like your exes still try to figure out if they ever meant something to you
by stalking you online while half masturbating, half crying over old selfies.“
– RAF manifesto 1968



 „Black flower, burnt pizza, and of course there’s always something with aliens“ – a midnight art project for F.

 © M. K. Mashkour

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