Frequently Asked Questions

“MK, are you a blogger? “

No, but I write everyday using different media. It does not matter whether that medium is handwriting, print, digital… I prefer writing on walls.

“Why do you write? “

Because I want to and under certain circumstances it’s even legal!

“Why don’t you write more? “

Because I also have to shower, eat, read, fuck and sleep sometimes (not necessarily in that order). Also, writing can easily get you in prison and in prison all those things might be less fun, because you’re in prison.

“What do you like to write about? “

Does it matter? In fictional writing everything is allowed, unless it is boring. In journalism everything is allowed, unless it is fictional. But what is boring and what not? The reader decides. To answer your question: As journalist I write about culture, politics and sometimes tech.  When it comes to fiction, I do not believe in strict genre division. But I love contemporary dystopian literature and satires.

“Why is your new article in German and not in English?“

Because I was born in Germany, studied creative writing there and still identify a lot with this beautiful language.

“Why is your new article in English and not in German?“

Because Germany is not necessarily the center of my life and I’m used to studying and writing in English. Many people I know do not speak German (yet) and prefer content in English. Also, writing in another language will help me improve that skill.

“Why is the layout of this page so… wordpressy? “

Because I only did two weekend courses of web design in university and was immediately worried to turn to the dark-web, become a hacker and live like Elliot in the show Mr. Robot. Which I do not. I guess.

“What are your political views? “

If you really want to give it a label, you could call me „rotgrünversiffte linksradikale Sozialistenfotze“, which is a very fine German term that nazis use to describe me with since 2006. Actually, I interpret „anarchy“ (or the lack of trust in authority, leadership and gods) as a way of coexisting without being somebody’s boss or somebody’s bitch. I try to understand theories and thoughts of people in the actual context and respect different opinions, which is complicated but possible.

“Are you on social media? “

This website is a social medium, so… yes. When you want to interact, you can write a comment, send me an e-mail or share the link of my article to any medium you prefer.

“MK, can I use your content? “

You will use it anyway, so fuck you.

“You did not answer my e-mail! “

That’s actually not a question, but a fact. If this fact upsets you, just write me another e-mail. Maybe I’m in a place on earth that has really shitty wifi, like a lonely island or… university?

“Since when does this website exist and what is it even for? “

I started writing here in 2010 under the names CyberpunkJournalism and later also Gedankenstrich. Nowadays, this page is named after myself, in order to avoid confusion. I am only responsible for the content that I created and only within the correct context. Even when you do not agree with any of the content, please defend my right to say/write it, because censorship sucks.

“I have a different question, an inquiry or just want to stalk you a little online… “

Then please check my vita or portfolio or contact me.