BolognaBlog: True Italian cliché

Every date with an Italian guy so far:

He: „Ciao bella! Do you want to go out for coffee/wine?“
Me: „K, why not.“
He: „You’re eyes are blue, wow, that’s… bellissima!“
Me: „Many people have blue eyes, you know.“
He: „Can I kiss you?“
Me: „Uhm… what’s you name again?“
He: „Haha, you’re so funny and smart!“
Me: „What the fuck is wrong with you?“
He: „But, seriously, my mom wants to meet you.“
He: „She wants to know what you think about marriage.“
Me: „Well, I like to eat wedding cake.“
He (whispers with tears in his eyes): „She’s the one.“
Me: „More people should be allowed to marry, so I can eat cake all the time. And ‚cause of human rights and stuff.“
He: „And do you like children? I’m a family man.“
Me: „They taste awesome with red wine.“
He: „Are you still talking about cakes?“
Me: „No, are you?“
He (with sparkly eyes): „We would make a wonderful family.“
Me: „Thanks for the drinks, bye.“


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